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Hi everyone! My name is Makeup Houdini.. yes that is the name I was born with.

Just kidding! My real name is Kaitlin Rice-Malley. 

You may be wondering how I became Makeup Houdini. Fun Fact: it was totally by accident. True Story.

I was working on set doing makeup for head shots and the photographer I was working with said something and I replied back, "What am I, Makeup Houdini?" He began laughing hysterically at the name and through laughter said, "You need to USE that!" So thus forth.. Makeup Houdini was born!

I began my makeup career in August 2008.. again completely unplanned. I was working at a local Starbucks where I would make a Manager at MAC Cosmetics what I would call "The Kaitlin Special" (Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on the top and bottom of the frozen treat. If you haven't experienced such goodness yet, I reckon you try it.. go ahead, it's delightful!).

One day, said manager asked, "Do you know anyone who would like to work for MAC?" I raised my hand and said, "Can I just try?"

At that point in time I had ZERO makeup experience apart from doing my own face and this was 2008.. eyebrows and Instagram hadn't even been born yet! However.. I had been into art since I was a wee little babe. Growing up as an only child, you must keep yourself entertained. My form of entertainment was art of all kinds and also using my mothers huge video camera to create funny videos (I watched one too many Nickelodeon shows growing up!).

The day came for my MAC Cosmetics interview and boy was I nervous! I brought a co-worker of mine to be my model, for the interview was to test how well I could do makeup on someone. I was told to do a Day Look and then transform that look into a Night Look. Heart fluttering, I began. A funny thing happened.. my panic went away and I just felt like I was back in Art Class. Only better because my canvas could talk to me. I could have full on conversations with my canvas and that was totally acceptable!

When I completed my Night Look, the manager came over and said, "That's MAC!" I was hired a week later and so began my career as  a Makeup Artist. Its been a whirlwind ever since then!

In February of 2010, while working for the same company.. I transferred from Jensen Beach, FL to Long Island, NY.. my birth place. My old stomping grounds.

While there, I booked my first independent wedding. The Mother of the  Bride owned a hair salon where she closed the shop for the day so her team and I could pamper her daughter and her wedding party. I have never experienced so much fun and excitement before! To be a part of someone's Special Day and to create a makeup look on them that makes them so happy on one of the biggest days of their life, is an incredible feeling.

I was hooked!

I have been doing makeup for weddings and events ever since!

ABOUT ME: About Me
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